Sunrise at Angkor Wat


Setting off from Bangkok at 7.30am, we finally arrived in Siem Reap around 8pm, after a lot of travelling, waiting around and getting our visas sorted. One thing which was starting to become apparent; the bus drivers always seem to have an agreement with the tuk tuk drivers, which is that they drop you off in the middle of nowhere, so you have no option to get a tuk tuk or walk about 15km, which is even too far for me and Caz!


Learning to Ride a Scooter in Kampot


Kampot was our final stop in Cambodia, before heading to Vietnam, so we wanted to try out riding a scooter before leaving! As soon as we arrived in Kampot we could tell the roads were already a lot quieter than anywhere else we had been in Cambodia, the quieter the better for us beginners! We hired our scooters from Bison Tours, which had good reviews and seemed pretty popular (too popular we were soon to find out!). We were both eager to drive, so we decided to hire a scooter each for $4 a day.

The Beautiful Otres Beach


We first heard about Otres Beach from a guy we’d met earlier on in our Cambodia trip and decided to do some research on it to see if it was worth visiting. We’d read that Serendipity beach, in Sihanoukville, could be quite dirty and not a very nice place to relax, so after reading up about Otres it seemed right up our street. What we read promised long stretches of deserted beach and a child out vibe. As we would find out, this was pretty much bang on.